Logo Design | FoneFuel

Fone Fuel was a start up company that needed branding. The customer came to Image Design with the name "Fone Fuel" written on a napkin with the "N" and "U" aligned. After a few iterations of logos, it clicked that the two letters lined up resembled the top and bottom of a battery. The rest is history.

With their logo in place, Fone Fuel has sponsored NASCAR's John Hunter Nemecheck and has appeared on the truck in the winner's circle as well his uniform and  promotional items.



Logo Design | Morningside Church

Morningside Baptist Church is a traditional baptist church wanted to update their image for a more contemporary community. They wanted to emphasize that, while traditional in worship, they are contemporary in their ministry.  The logo conveys this with the use of a script typeface for the church name and a more modern sanserif typeface for the denomination name. A scarlet red was chosen to symbolize tradition and strength  and to symbolize the blood of Jesus.



Logo Design | Just for Kicks BBQ

Brian Green made some mean BBQ. Originally it was a hobby and "just for kicks" hence the name. Every good BBQ needs a pig mascot and thus was born the kickin' pig. Soon Brian's hobby became such a passion that he wanted to do it for more than kicks and changed the name to "Kickin' Pig BBQ" to match his logo.

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